Mental Health Resources

Mental health might seem like a mystery. It doesn’t have to be. Use our growing knowledge base to better and more compassionately understand yourself and others.

Anxiety & Depression

As therapists in Manhattan, we are most often asked to help people with their anxiety and depression. Thankfully, therapy is a highly effective treatment.

Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is essential to a rewarding and satisfying life. All of us struggle from time to time, but there's help to help you feel and do better.

NYC Therapy

It takes something special to survive and thrive in NYC's concrete jungle. We're here to help you.

Online Therapy

Teletherapy is no longer at the fringes of psychotherapy. It's now an integral part of how people get assistance for their struggles.

NYC is the place to thrive. We'll help you.
We searched for more than five years for scientifically-based methods and smart technology to increase our effectiveness as therapists.

Relationship Counseling

Connections to others define life. Our friends, families, partners, and kids shape our past and future, bringing us significant frustration, heartbreak, and joy.

Types of Therapy

Finding the right type of therapy can feel like a puzzle. We'll help you find your missing piece.

Women's Mental Health

According to leading researchers and authors, women are prone to internalizing their mental illnesses, leading to higher rates of depression, eating disorders, and anxiety and sleep problems.