Finding a New Moms Support Group in NYC

Support groups are an invaluable resource for new mothers. Being a new mother can be overwhelming and take a toll on your mental health, and having a safe, supportive mom group space to discuss common challenges and triumphs with other parents can make the transition to parenthood much smoother.

new moms support group NYC

Why a support group for new moms is invaluable.

Here are three reasons why new moms support groups are beneficial:

First, support groups provide a sense of community. As a new mom, you may feel isolated – or worried about postpartum depression or other PMAD (Perinatal or Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders) – and alone in your parenting journey. Being part of a support group can provide you with a safe space and community of understanding parents who can relate to your similar experiences. It’s a great way to make friends and get advice from other moms who have been in your shoes.

Second, support groups can provide emotional and mental health support. The transition to motherhood can be difficult and emotional. Having a support group to turn to can help you process your emotions and cope with any challenges that come your way. You’ll also be able to share your successes with the group, which can help boost your self-confidence and give you the emotional strength you need to continue your parenting journey.

Finally, support groups can provide helpful resources and tips. Support groups are a great place to get advice and tips from other parents who have been through the same experiences you are going through. You can ask questions and get valuable advice from other members of the group, as well as gain access to helpful resources and programs that can make parenting easier.

Overall, support groups are an invaluable resource for expectant moms or new moms. They can provide a sense of community, emotional support, helpful resources, and tips to help make motherhood transition easier.

Ready to find support and connection?

How to find a new mom support group right for you in NYC.

  • Research online – A great place to start when looking for a new moms support group in NYC is to search online. First, try searching for ‘new moms support groups in NYC’. This should provide you with plenty of options to support your mental health and sense of well-being. Make sure the groups you’re considering have good reputations and are led by qualified professionals.
  • Ask your friends – Ask your friends and family if they know of an online or local new mom support group. Chances are someone you know is a new parent and can provide some useful information.
  • Contact your local health department – Your local health department or community centers are a great resource for information on support groups in the area. You can call or visit the department’s website to get more information.
  • Attend a local event – There are often events in NYC that are specifically geared toward new moms. For example, there may be a meet-up group or a workshop for new moms. These events are a great way to meet other mothers in a safe and supportive environment. You may also be able to find information on additional support groups in the area.
  • Contact the Therapy Group of NYC – We have a group designed to help you navigate the mental health challenges of being a new parent. One of our therapists will be a group facilitator for our new moms support group helping new parents to connect, share, support, and learn.

How to find a support group for new moms with the Therapy Group of NYC

The Therapy Group of NYC offer a safe and welcoming space online new mom group to share their stories and receive advice from other moms going through a similar new life experience. We run our support group online, so it gives moms from all over NYC – whether you’re in the Flatiron, Union Square, Cobble Hill, Murray Hill, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, or Park Slope – an opportunity to join.

With the guidance of our psychologist facilitator, Connect with other new moms undergoing a similar postpartum adjustment process, share your experiences, and get the support you need during this exciting and sometimes challenging time.

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