What Challenges Do You Face?

Stressed and anxious? Sad and depressed? Maybe you're struggling with your relationship or career?

Or maybe it's a sense that you're falling behind and can't keep up with everything and everyone in NYC?

Any of these can make you feel less than ‘normal.’ Our goal is to help you directly address these struggles with authenticity and warmth.


The tension, fatigue, panic, and the inability to relax from anxiety can mentally and physically wear you out. As therapists in Manhattan, we are most often asked to help people with their anxiety. Thankfully, therapy is a highly effective treatment.

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The hopelessness, persistent sadness, irritability, and loss of interest in almost everything when depressed can make life a struggle. Deep, patient understanding, restoring hope and rebuilding a sense of engagement form the basis of our approach to moving you past depression.

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Career Counseling

Your career did not come with a manual for success. However, you are all too aware when you are headed in the wrong direction, or you are feeling bored, frustrated, or burnt out. We can help you focus on your career to guide you towards fulfilling work and fulfilling your potential.

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Teen Therapy

The lives of teens and their families are in constant motion. Changes and emotions run high as they learn about themselves and their bodies, minds and evolving relationships. We're here to help when your teen is facing struggles that are making their mental health suffer.

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Marriage & Couples Therapy

Arguing without resolution and feeling disconnected or resentful may weigh heavily on your relationship. Take steps and find relief and hope by working with an expertly trained couples therapist.

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